The Weeknd Wants to Write You a Custom Song! Maybe…


The Weeknd has an impressive track record for writing hit songs. Over the years, he’s been responsible for tunes like “The Hills,” “Starboy,” and arguably the biggest hit of the 21st century so far, “Blinding Lights.”

But he’s not done yet – The Weeknd wants to write a song for YOU.


Born Abel Tesfaye, the “Save Your Tears” star is listed as an investor in a music startup called Songfinch, which offers people custom songs for a one-time fee. Customers can pay $199 to select the genre, lyrical themes, and eventually, the rights to play your custom tune forever (unfortunately you can’t monetize the end product). You’re not able to pick who writes your song (so The Weeknd himself probably won’t be doing it), but Songfinch says you’ll receive the complete mixed & mastered creation within a week!

It’s being called the “Cameo for songs.”

Would you shell out for a personalized jingle? It could be a great way to celebrate an anniversary, or ask someone to prom, and with The Weeknd as an investor, it looks like this service could be going mainstream soon!

Photo credit: Christian Bertrand /