3 Random Things We Learned About Hampton Roads This Week


Things are always happening in the (757)! Here are a few stories that probably aren’t that important, but are still kind of cool to know:

  • Virginia Beach is the most walkable city in Hampton Roads. New research looked at how easy it is to get around without a car, and found that VA Beach is your best bet if you don’t wanna order too many Ubers.

  • Elbow Road will soon be… less shaped like an elbow. The road sees well over 10k cars traveling through it everyday, between Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. But its defining feature will eventually go away, according to this WTKR report. Wonder what they’ll call it once it’s straight…?

  • The Seven Cities aren’t a construction hotspot. Apologies in advance to Bob The Builder, but apparently the (757)’s concrete jungles aren’t growing that fast. A study found that the Hampton Roads metro area spent an average of $34,283 per construction worker (compared to a national average of over $50k). Whatever exactly that means.