Study Finds Virginia is America’s 7th-LEAST Single State!


Maybe Virginia really is for lovers!

New research from MagnifyMoney finds that VA isn’t exactly the spot to go if you’re ready to mingle (or maybe it is?)… only 6 other states had fewer singles per capita. As the USA’s 7th-most boo’d up state, just 45% of adults aged 20+ weren’t already in a relationship. That means that over half of the Old Dominion state is off the market!

But in case you still want to shoot your shot, here’s where you should go:

  • In Chesapeake, 55.8% of adults are single – the most in VA!

  • If you’re specifically looking for a lovely lady, work your way into Virginia Beach‘s scene: 47.0% of women over 20 aren’t in a relationship.

  • Or if you’re cool with a long-distance thing, head to Richmond, where a whopping 72.3% of women aren’t cuffed up yet (compared to 68.6% of the gents).

Of course, this study means nothing at all if you don’t know how to spit some game – but that’s another study for another time. And honestly, congrats to Norfolk for all the sex: 49.9% (just under half!) of people there are partnered up at this point.

Photo credit: Alejandro Guzmani /