3 Random Things We Learned About Hampton Roads This Week


It was another thrilling week of… stuff… in the (757). None of these stories were big enough to really grab the headlines, but they might still be interesting to you! Or not. Only one way to find out.

  • Hampton Roads’ wage gap is pretty average. Like a lot of things in Virginia, we placed squarely in the middle of another state-by-state comparison. We had the 19th-smallest wage gap: the gap between renters’ wages, versus the wages they need in order to afford the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment.

  • The Blue Power Ranger lives here. Michael Copon, better known as a blue-hued world-saver from the TV show, just opened a new “TikTok studio” at Pembroke Mall, where people can come and use their lighting + props to take their pics and vids to a new level.

  • Newport News is the best place in Tidewater to own a cat. This research from LawnStarter found that of all the Seven Cities, Newport News is the friendliest for your furry friends.