THESE Are Hampton Roads’ BEST Cities for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse!


The way that 2021 is going, you might need this information. In a crazy world full of unpredictability, I guess a zombie outbreak really doesn’t seem far-fetched anymore.

So here are the places in the (757) you’ll wanna build your stronghold in.

Based on data points on access to supplies, vulnerability to zombie attacks, ease of escape, and a few other factors, a Lawn Love study found that the ranking for Hampton Roads looks like this:

  1. Chesapeake (50th-best nationwide)

  2. Newport News (72nd)

  3. Norfolk (77th)

  4. Virginia Beach (90th)

So apparently the Zs will take over the Oceanfront… but who could blame ’em? The far less crowded Chesapeake was deemed the best option for post-apocalyptic survivors, and maybe that makes Hampton Roads’ highest real estate prices a lil’ more worth it.

Where would YOU go to escape the horde?