Photoshoots, Tats, & A Delayed Album: Inside Silk Sonic’s Busiest Week Yet!


“Ima leave the door open” for you to discover more of what’s going on behind the scenes with Bruno Mars’ new band!

Silk Sonic, which also features acclaimed producer Anderson .Paak, has been really busy this week. So let’s catch up on what the sexy retro-soul duo is doing.

  • New ink: .Paak made headlines with his latest tattoo, which includes very specific instructions. It reads, in plain black text, “When I’m gone please don’t release any posthumous albums or songs with my name attached. Those were just demos and never intended to be heard by the public.” Well okay then. One can’t help but wonder if that’s a commentary on how it seems like Pop Smoke and Juice WRLD have released more music after their death than during their careers… but maybe it’s just a completely unrelated desire.

  • New album… not yet: Silk Sonic’s growing fanbase will be disappointed here, but the guys aren’t ready to drop their debut album. Bruno was quoted by Rolling Stone as saying, “We’ve got the bones of most of the album, so it’s really about touching up parts that need a little more…grease.” He estimates that the greasing will be complete next year.

  • Coverboys: Speaking of Rolling Stone, both of the guys just appeared on the cover of the magazine, flashing their already-iconic throwback looks.

And it’s only Thursday. Knowing these fellas, the weekend might bring even more fun and shenanigans! For now, take a look at some pics from the week:

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records