Darren Criss Talks New EP, ‘Glee’ Couch & Elsie Fest

On Thursday, August 19th, Darren Criss sat down on zoom with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk all about his new EP as well as the item he took from the set of ‘Glee.’

“High output, low visibility,” was Criss’s motto for the past two years. With that he means he spent the last two years laying low from the spotlight, but working hard.. especially on his music. “It took a global shutdown for me to finally make more music,” says Criss. “I’m always working on music,” Criss explains, “and the curse of being a creative mind in general is that your brain moves faster than your body can execute.” However, Criss is now ready to put out his 5 song EP Masquerade, titled for his “A celebration of a lot of different masks I get to wear as a musician.

Criss also describes the ‘casting couch’ behind him in the Zoom room.. The couch actually is something he took from the set of Glee. At the end of the shows, the cast would hang out on this couch. “They knew I loved this couch and one of the set guys asked if I wanted it,” Criss tells Elvis, “They brought it over in a truck at the end of the show.”

Watch Criss’s full interview with Elvis above as well as check out his new EP Masquerade out now.