National Dog Day: 5 of Our Favorite Pop Music Pooches! {PICS}


August 26th is National Dog Day! What better way to celebrate than by staring lovingly at some of our favorite singers and their pups?

Billie Eilish – Shark: Her dog is named Shark (not the other way around!) and Billie’s furry friend is a rescue, too!

Dua Lipa – Dexter: This adorable good boy was adopted by Dua and her boyfriend Anwar Hadid, and they recently celebrated Dexter’s 1st birthday!

Justin Bieber – Oscar: Nicknamed Oskie, this fluffy fella has his own Instagram page, if you wanna see even more of him!

The Weeknd – Caesar: A few years ago, the “Blinding Lights” singer added a new member to the family… who’s since become the subject of many memes within the fanbase!

Louis Tomlinson – Clifford: This man’s best friend is a shaggy dog, who (despite the name) isn’t big or red. But he was the topic of an interview question on Most Requested Live once!