New Netflix Documentary Seeks to Uncover the Mysteries Behind Bob Ross! {VIDEO}


There are no mistakes, as the famous TV painter Bob Ross often said. Only happy accidents.

But nothing about his estate and legacy seems like it’s very happy, nor an accident. A new Netflix documentary about that just released, with a mysterious trailer and a lot of expectations. Called Bob Ross: Happy Accidents, Betrayal, and Greed and streaming now, as of August 25th, the teaser video is only about 30 seconds long. Underneath, Netflix writes, “Bob Ross brought joy to millions as the world’s most famous art instructor. But a battle for his business empire cast a shadow over his happy trees.”

Intrigued? If you’ve got Netflix, you can watch it tonight! Here’s that trailer, to give you a sense of what you’re getting into:

Photo credit: Zoe Cappello /