3 Random Things We Learned About Hampton Roads This Week


The weekend is finally here! After surviving another week in this crazy world, we emerged, not with world peace or a cure for Covid, but instead with three random, barely-interesting-but-still-mildly-interesting facts about the (757).

  • 30% of us need to eat healthier. New findings by Sidecar Health revealed that 30.1% of Virginia Beach’s adult population has high cholesterol. I guess it’s probably because of all those awesome “locals only” restaurants on the Oceanfront.

  • We’re smarter than the average city! According to a study by Hire A Helper, VA Beach is the 11th-most educated large city in the USA. The typical Neptune City resident boasts 14.2 years of education, compared to 13.4 years as the American norm. But of course you probably already knew that since you’re so smart 😉

  • Pitbull is at the heart of Newport News’ most important petition. Some 700 students and faculty at Christopher Newport University are now followers of an Instagram page called @bring_pitbull_to_cnu_now, which (maybe jokingly?) aims to do exactly that. Since Mr. 305 will be in the 757 on Tuesday night, they don’t have much time left… but maybe Mr. Worldwide will notice them and drop by for an epic college party!