Know Before You Go: Is Your Local McDonald’s Ice Cream Machine Broken? (It Probably Is)


There’s a lot of delicious food underneath those golden arches. McDonald’s is arguably America’s most famous restaurant ever, and recently, has been home to exclusive meals designed by artists like Travis Scott and Saweetie.

But behind all the food lies an open secret: the ice cream machine is always broken.

The actual federal government is now looking into why the machine always seems to be unable to dish out some icy soft-serve… that’s how bad it’s become. Often the ice cream machine is the subject of memes and mockery, but maybe this FTC probe will uncover the truth.

‘Til that fateful day, we have McBroken. That’s a website that actually tracks which machines in your area are working, and which ones the FTC is gonna have a problem with. At press time, there were 9 broken ones in the (757), accounting for 11.4% of the available (or unavailable, I guess?) treats in Hampton Roads.

Check out the McBroken site here… know before you go!

Photo credit: Sorbis /