New App (Endorsed by T-Pain) Aims to Make Everyone a Musician


There’s a new well-funded app on the scene, and its goal is simple: anyone who wants to be a musician can be one, for free. Featuring financial backing from T-Pain, is developed by people who used to work for Snapchat and TikTok. Per a statement, the company says they can offer anyone with a smartphone “access to professional-quality voice filters, produced beats, lyrical & visual inspiration tools, in-app distribution, audience, and community.”

Sounds pretty neat.

It definitely won’t give you the A-level studio tools necessary to create the next “Buy U A Drank” by T-Pain, but the rapper is excited nonetheless. “I’m mega excited that now others can have a fast and free way to tune their voice, find their sound, and be comfortable discovering their musical journey,” he said.

Right now, the app is available by invite to iOS users and more info can be seen here at their site.

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