Anthony Rodia Shares Hilarious Family Stories + Explains ‘Uncle Vinny’

Comedian Anthony Rodia joined Elvis Duran and The Morning Show today.

Rodia is on the road for his stand up right now, but you may know him first from his ‘Uncle Vinny’ bit. “It was in a weightless bet with my cousin,” Rodia explains to Elvis Duran. “I came across this filter on Snapchat with the big eyes….. Posted it and people started losing it….. My sister said why don’t you come up with a page for this.” Rodia continues, “Uncle Vinny is kind of based on my dad. It just became crazy. I have a wine coming out, working out a cartoon of them. I’m kind of jealous of my inner voices.”

Rodia also tells us hilarious family stories including a quick joke at Skeery’s expense on Italian men calling their mom’s ‘mommy!’ Watch our entire interview with Rodia above!