THIS is Virginia’s Favorite PBS Show!


It’s back-to-school season, and that doesn’t just mean packing lunch, waiting for the bus, and trying to help your kids with homework. It also means, for a lot of families, the return of making sure the TV is playing age-appropriate stuff. Shoutout to PBS for serving as that televised daycare.

There are a lot of classic shows on PBS, but only one show can be the most popular with Virginia’s kids…

… and that’s Teletubbies!

According to research from CenturyLink, Teletubbies is the most searched-for show in VA, but ironically, amongst all the other legendary PBS programs, it has the lowest-quality score on IMDB: only 3.8/10.

Are our kids watching garbage? As anyone who remembers the Teletubbies will tell you: yes!

But hey, at least we’re in good company. That show was the most popular nationwide, although our neighbors in North Carolina prefer the animal-focused fun of Clifford the Big Red Dog.

Courtesy of CenturyLink