Jerry O’Connell Reveals He Once Observed Elvis Duran For A Role He Was Playing

Jerry O’Connell is officially joined The Talk as a permanent co-host as of today, September 13th.

Before making his debut as permanent host, O’Connell sat down with Elvis Duran and the Morning Show to talk about the daily talk show as well as an hilarious story of when he came to observeElvis Duran.

“F it, we’ll do it alive,” O’Connell jokes with the show as he talks about doing a LIVE daily talk show. “You watch the news the night before and then you go in and talk about it,” explains O’Connell. O’Connell is hilarious and definitely more than capable of doing a daily live show. The actor has a lot of experience!

Before getting this gig, O’Connell has acted in plenty of movies and TV shows, and even one time he came to the studio to shadow Elvis for a role he was playing about radio. The two joke how O’Connell thought he was going to be heading to the top of the Empire State Building to watch him work, however he ended up in our old studio in Secaucus!

Watch O’Connell’s full interview above and be sure to check your local listing to see him on The Talk!