Ed Sheeran Reveals Elton John Song, Filmed Anniversary Show & Teases ‘=’

Ed Sheeran joins Elvis Duran in the studio to talk all about his upcoming album ‘=’ coming out October 29th as well as a new duet with Elton John and an upcoming 10 year anniversary show.

Sheeran teased a new song with Elton John coming out “after both” their albums come out. He also shares that he and Elton call each other every day and Elton was there for him when his friend passed away in March. “I’ll get emotional talking about it,” Sheeran says.

Sheeran also explains his love for Lil Nas X, as well as teases that a 10 year anniversary concert has been filmed!  Watch in the video above and pre-order Ed Sheeran’s 4th studio album ‘=‘ which comes out October 29th!