New Study Asks – Which State is Better for Fishing: VA or NC?


National Hunting and Fishing Day is apparently a thing, and it happens on September 25th. In the spirit of the day, new research from LawnLove ranked each state by how fishing-friendly it is, and I’m not gonna lie – things could look better for Virginia.

VA was rated the 2nd-worst in America for cost effectiveness when it comes to buying all the stuff you need to fish: tackle, bait, and cringeworthy bucket hats. The Old Dominion State posted average marks for availability of fishing supplies, as well as in the community and access categories, landing us at 35th-best or 15th-worst, depending on how you look at it.

For our neighbors in North Carolina, it was a different story. Coming in at 13th-best in the USA for fishing, NC scored high in almost every category.

So if your old man wants to hit the lake this weekend and see what he can find in the murky depths, his best bet is to hit the road and head south for a while.