Billie Eilish Says She Lost 100,000 Followers Because “People Are Scared of Big Boobs”

In March of 2021, Billie Eilish broke an Instagram record when she shared a photo of her newly blonde hair which gained one million likes in six minutes.

Eilish then broke that record again when she debuted this cover photo from Vogue.  It reached a 1 million likes in under 6 minutes.

Eilish is featured on the October cover of ELLE magazine and in the accompanying article she reveals that she actually lost thousands of Instagram followers after debuting her new look.

“People hold on to these memories and have an attachment. But it’s very dehumanizing. I lost 100,000 followers just because of the boobs. People are scared of big boobs,” she said. “… You’re not even supposed to really know who you are until you’re at least my age or older.”

“I had no goal of ‘This is going to make everybody think differently of me.’ I’ve had different-colored hair and vibes for everything I’ve ever done. I wanted this album to have its own thing,” she told the magazine. “The other day, I posted a video from when I had green hair, and I saw people go, ‘I miss this Billie, the green-haired Billie.’ I’m still the same person. I’m not just different Barbies with different heads.”

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