THIS is the (757)’s Best City for Beer Lovers!


What’s your favorite local watering hole in Hampton Roads? Is it a dive bar in Norfolk? A rooftop kinda thing in Virginia Beach? A small family-owned spot in Chesapeake? No matter where you go to get your social drinking on, we salute you!

This new study from Lawn Love looked into which cities are America’s best for beer lovers, and from there, we sliced out the Seven Cities to create this list:

  1. Norfolk: ranking at 66th overall, NFK VA scored high marks for the quality vs. price of beer, but slacked in terms of the number of bars. Do you agree that Norfolk is #1?

  2. Newport News: further behind at 163rd in the nation, NN was credited as the 39th-cheapest place in the USA to get a drink, but fell flat in the “establishment quality” category. Ouch.

  3. Virginia Beach: at 171st in the national standings, VB ranked one of the lowest scores for access to good beer, but offset that with a great “community” score, when you do eventually find some.

  4. Chesapeake: once again, cost mattered most (36th-best prices), but with low access and quality rates, this study found Chesapeake to be the bottom of the bottle.

What do you think about these findings? Are they accurate to your experience?

If you need to do some more “research,” we don’t blame you at all 😉 Cheers!