This Viral ‘Illusion Dress’ Has Taken Over TikTok: ‘My Brain Can’t Comprehend’ [VIDEOS]

An “illusion dress” has been dropping jaws on TikTok thanks to its magic fabric and a flattering print that tricks the eye into thinking your waist is smaller than it is

A fashion influencer named Castro went TikTok viral after sharing a video of the optical illusion dress last week.


♬ Girls Want Girls – Drake

Viewers were blown away with one writing, “I’m not drunk or high but my brain can not comprehend this.”

One user was lucky enough to get her hands on the dress before it sold out shared her own video trying on the dress for comparison.

@itsnanacastroSo I bought the Viral Waist Illusion Dress #fyp #midsize #tryon #viraldress #TreatiestCupContest #IKnowWhatYouDid

♬ Girls Want Girls – Drake

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