Ed Sheeran’s Passion About Kids Following Their Dreams Leaves Elvis in Tears {WATCH}


Ed Sheeran stopped by the studio today for a conversation that left Elvis Duran and the Morning Show in tears.

Ed gave some parenting/teaching advice regarding the importance of encouraging children to follow their dreams that inspired us all.

“If you give a kid confidence at a young level, the sky is the limit. If you take a kid’s confidence, they will never ever over achieve because they will always be too scared to put themselves out there. The reason I can write songs is because when I was writing really bad songs when I was younger, my dad never told me they were bad. He just kept say ‘Yeah! Keep going!’ I listen back to them and they are dreadful, but he kept pushing me and that gave me the confidence… I think teachers can be this to kids. It’s not about saying you will be president, it’s about saying you can be if you work hard enough. Because if you work hard, you can be anything in the world.”

Both Elvis Duran and Ed Sheeran teamed up to donate $50,000 to DonorsChoose, an organization that makes it easy for anyone to help a teacher in need.

Sheeran’s new album = is out NOW! Check out the full interview in the video player above.