Jimmy Fallon On How Ariana Grande Helped Him Recruit Megan Thee Stallion

Jimmy Fallon has a new Christmas song out featuring Ariana Grande and Meghan Thee Stallion, “Masked Christmas” and and he joined Elvis Duran and the Hot 100 Morning Show Tuesday morning to celebrate its release.

Fallon told Elvis and the gang that he knew he wanted Ariana Grande on the song. However when he initially reached out her team said she was too busy for the gig. “They called back and said she’s very busy and we didn’t know she was working on ‘Wicked.'” However then Fallon says he got a text out of the blue from Ariana saying ‘I love the song, I’m in.’

When it came to the rap in the song, which was originally done by Fallon, Grande said ‘So do you want me to ask Meg?’ and that’s when Megan Thee Stallion got involved. She responded back to Grande right away saying, ‘I love it… When are we doing the video?’

It was “Zero to a million in two weeks,” Fallon tells Elvis Duran!

Check out the full interview above and watch the music video below.