Ariana Grande ‘Threw Herself Into’ Being Coach on ‘The Voice,’ Says John Legend


Even though Team Ariana was shut out of The Voice finale, everyone is full of praise for Ariana Grande’s first season as a coach on the show. And nobody is being more supportive than her fellow coaches.

In a new interview with ET, John Legend spilled about how the “Positions” singer affected the show.

“It’s been so good,” he said. “I think Ariana being our new coach, it might have attracted some good talent to the show, and it’s pretty evenly distributed throughout the teams.”

He went on to add, “We always have fun, but honestly, Ariana threw herself into it. She’s passionate about it, and it’s fun to have somebody new because you get to see the show through their eyes… when you see their excitement and their passion, it kind of makes you feel like, ‘Yeah, I’m pretty lucky to have this job, it’s pretty cool.”

Lucky indeed! Who wouldn’t wanna hang out with Ari for a few months?

Maybe next season, her team will even produce a winner! We’ll just have to watch and see.

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