Lizzo Claps Back at Critics Saying ‘Rumors’ was Worst Song of the Year


It’s the end of the year, which means every half-decent music blogger is coming up with a list of the best (and worst) songs of 2021. What do YOU think was the best?

Save that thought for later, because we’re talking about the potential worst song of this crazy year… according to some people. Lizzo took to Twitter and responded to claims that her Cardi B collab “Rumors” scraped the bottom of the musical barrel, and needless to say, she disagreed:

Do you agree? For what it’s worth, “Rumors” made it to former US President Barack Obama’s list of faves from 2021, along with other contemporary hitmakers like Lil Nas X and Sean Paul.

So is it really the worst song of the year? Well, that’s up to you in the end, but we’re taking Lizzo’s side on this one.

Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records