Hailey Bieber Tats Her Neck with Love Letter to NYC: See the Ink! {PICS}


Hailey Bieber has a new tattoo! It’s a tasteful, small piece on her neck, done by the celebrity ink artist Dr. Woo. He posted a pic of it here:

Ironically, Hailey might have some answering to do at home over this artwork though. In his latest YouTube documentary, Justin Bieber: Next Chapter, her husband (and famous pop singer, maybe you’ve heard of him?) Justin admitted that she’s not a big fan of neck tats. “I think I’m done with my neck, that’s a Hailey request,” he said then.

Maybe she’s had a change of heart?

Either way, if you’re wondering what the next body art in the Bieber fam going to be, Justin threw an idea out about that, too: “The back is still open and I don’t have kids yet, so I’m thinking of getting their portraits on my back.”

Let’s hope Dr. Woo posts pics of that too, someday!

Photo credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com