Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson Rent Out Entire Theater to Watch Lady Gaga in ‘House of Gucci’ Together


Totally normal relationship stuff here. You ever dated a guy who rented out an entire theater for you? 

Kim Kardashian has.

She and her new boo Pete Davidson just picked a night to watch House of Gucci (starring Lady Gaga) in complete peace & quiet at Atrium Stadium Cinemas on Staten Island, NY. Per the owner of the venue, Pete frequents the area with friends a lot, and they called ahead of time to make sure they could enter through the side door. Fancy!

But despite their secretive entrance, the pair did stop to say hi to a few fans and spectators – that’s how we knew they went.

Hopefully the lovebirds had a great evening together, and enjoyed Gaga’s Gucci.

Photo credit: Tinseltown /