Hello Kitty Boots, Bikinis, and Butterfly Fits: Dua Lipa’s Guide To Holiday Fashion


Dua Lipa was one of 2021’s It-Girls, and she knows how to work the cameras with her glamorous looks! Recently, she’s been posting a lot of outfits, so let’s take a look at what the “Don’t Start Now” star has been gracing the fashion world with.

  1. Hello Kitty boots: These weren’t a holiday essential until Dua started rockin’ them. Now, they’ve got us feeling as Christmassy as a cup of eggnog next to a log fire.

2. Butterfly wings: Yeah, these aren’t exactly “wear all day” accessories. But for Dua, every day is an excuse to be extra!

3. Hot tub bikinis: Dua’s feeling “jolly good” this holiday season (how adorably British of her), and a quick session in the hot tub can’t possibly hurt her mood! She showed off her figure and then took a dip:

Photo credit: Christian Bertrand / Shutterstock.com