Chris Martin: Coldplay Will Stop Releasing Music in 2025

Some people will read this news with shock and horror. Others will wonder what took them so long to retire. Either way, Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin formally declared that the band will stop releasing music in 2025.


“Well I know I can tell you: our last proper record will come out in 2025 and after that I think we will only tour,” said Martin in a recent interview. “Maybe we’ll do some collaborative things but the Coldplay catalogue, as it were, finishes then.”

Pretty decisive. The guys aren’t above having some fun with friends, but as far as true-blue Coldplay albums go, we won’t hear any more after ’25.

Time will tell if they stick to their retirement, as history is full of musicians going out on “one last world tour,” only to do another “last” tour a few years later. Does that strategy work with songwriting? Guess we’ll find out in 4 years.

Photo credit: Andrea Raffin /