Doja Cat Explains Why She Turned Down a Collaboration with Billie Eilish ‘Bellyache’

Doja Cat has no regrets about turning down a collaboration on Billie Eilish’s “Bellyache.” Early in their careers, the two were fans of each other’s music and Eilish asked her to write with her.

The rapper explained that she turned down the offer because “I just couldn’t think of anything to write. It was one of my writer’s-block moments.”

Doja went on to say, “I don’t think the song was for me, though. I remember seeing that song blow up and thinking, ‘Good for her. That’s awesome.’”

In an interview posted on, Doja Cat says that her success as a musician has come with a lot of pressure. “I feel pressured to do s*** like that,” she explained. “I don’t f***ing wanna do that. I wanna be home … I wanna make music, I wanna play f***ing video games.”