Gayle Shares The Story Of Her Ex That Inspired ‘abcdefu’

Gayle, the singer behind the highly addictive song, ‘abcdefu,’ joined Elvis Duran and the Hot 100 Morning Show in The Zoom Room.

“It stems from a place of trying so hard to be nice,” Gayle tells Elvis Duran and the Morning Show Thursday morning. Gayle explains the relationship that inspired the song. A relationship that ended and then went to flames when they tried to be friends afterwards. Gayle explains how she and her ex tried to be friends, getting on the phone to chat, however when she found out he was not saying nice things about her behind her back… it was all over! “I never purposely went out to hurt his feelings. After all of that and I tried so hard to be a nice person to him… him still wanting to do those things all those little jabs led to a lot of hurting.”

By the time the song came out Gayle had blocked him on everything!

Watch above as we dive into the lyrics with Gayle and she explains why she would never say ‘fu’ to the dog!