GAYLE Drops New Single; To Tour with AJR This Spring

GAYLE has just been announced as the opening act for AJR‘s OK Orchestra tour this spring!  The “abcdefu” singer will open dates April 28 in Dallas through a May 21st in Queens, NY.

After reaching Top 10 of the Hot 100 chart with her debut single,  GAYLE dropped “ur just horny” on Janaury 19th.

ur just horny’ is about the time i crossed the line in a friendship that i thought was platonic for years,” says GAYLE in a statement. “[A]fter crossing the line i noticed that they started treating me differently — they weren’t as nice and outgoing and honestly i couldn’t recognize them anymore…”

She adds, “Writing ‘ur just horny’ for me was coming to that realization that they didn’t want to be my friend — they just wanted to get into my pants, and that hurt.”

Warning: video contains uncensored profanity. 

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