Post Malone Shares Details on “Super Raw” New Album

Post Malone is getting ready to drop ‘Twelve Carat Toothache,’ the follow-up to 2019’s ‘Hollywood’s Bleeding.’

The album will be released this year and Posty tels Billboard that it will be around 45 minutes, shorter than the average album released these days. “Trying to shove 20 to 25 songs, it doesn’t work,” he said. “Talking to the label [it’s like], ‘Oh, if you have less songs, you’re not going to stream as much,’ but the whole thing is that you don’t want to compromise your art and your gut vibe on anything.

“I’ve made a lot of compromises, especially musically, but now I don’t feel like I want to anymore. I don’t need a Number One; that doesn’t matter to me no more, and at a point, it did.”

He also talked about his creative struggles during the pandemic. “You think about everything at the same time, and it’s f—–g overload,” he said. “There’s a lot riding on the music. There’s a lot riding on just being able to keep making songs. And that’s hard to do because you’re like, ‘F–k — I already talked about everything.’ And you kind of run out of ideas, and that’s scary s—.”

He describes the new album as “super raw”, has “a life of its own – it has feelings and emotions” and “serves its purpose as an expression of who I am”. 

While he doesn’t give the album’s release date, he does confirm that “One Right Now,” his November collaboration with The Weeknd, will be twelve toothaches lead single.