Justin Bieber Hilariously Pranked Charlie Puth Over 2016 Diss {WATCH}

Justin Bieber pranked Charlie Puth in a hilarious video shared on Instagram Monday (January 31st).

Justin was hanging out with Kid Laroi when the pair decided to call up Charlie and confront him over saying “F–k You Justin Bieber” on stage in 2016.

The video starts out with Kid Laroi saying, “I’m here with Justin he wants to say what’s up real quick.” Kid Laroi then gives Justin the phone and says what’s up to Charlie, and Charlie happily says gets on the call and says what up.

All was going well in the call until Justin cuts in and says, “We never really got to talk about years ago when you said ‘F–k you’ on stage to me.”

Charlie, seemingly confused, laughs and Justin responds, “ “I don’t think it’s very funny to be honest.”

“What, you’re talking about that s— from six years ago?” Puth asked. “That was like a f—ing…that was a joke.”

As Puth continued to defend himself, Bieber maintained his position, telling the star, “I know, but it hurt my feelings,” while LAROI began cracking up and covering his face off-camera.

“Bro, I was being facetious,” Puth said. “I was being completely sarcastic. I also can’t tell if you’re joking right now.”

Eventually, Justin breaks into laughter and the joke is revealed.

(WARNING:  The video contains profanity.)


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