WATCH: Sabrina Carpenter Says Her Upcoming Album Will ‘Surprise You’

Sabrina Carpenter joined Elvis Duran and the Hot 100 Morning Show to talk all about her new song ‘Fast Times’ as well as an upcoming album and her upcoming role as Alice.

“This song feels like me,” Sabrina told Elvis Duran Friday morning, “It feels like the music I listen to…. I’m really excited.” However when it comes to the album, Sabrina says her upcoming project may ‘surprise you.’ She reveals, “For people who might not know me personally will get to know me personally.”

Elvis and the gang also asked Sabrina about her new project ‘Alice.’

“So basically it’s a musical adaptation of Alice In Wonderland. I pitched the movie to Netflix,” she explained. “Alice has always been one of my favorite characters.”

The film is set at a musical festival called ‘Wonderland’ and Sabrina says it’s one of her ‘dream roles.’

Watch the full interview with Sabrina Carpenter above.