Here’s How to Open a DM on Instagram Without Being Seen

Playing hard to get with someone sliding into your DMs?  Too busy to respond to your BFF but don’t want to hurt their feelings? Here’s how you can open a DM on Instagram without being seen…

Editorial credit: Antonio Salaverry

The easiest way is to just read the DM through the notification bar. If the message is too long to read in full, you can expand it by dragging down on the notification bar using an iPhone.

For Android users, click on the down arrow next to the notification to expand it.

If you don’t want to risk accidentally opening the message using this method, you can also restrict the user messaging you.

Restricting someone on Instagram moves any messages they send you into your message requests, and does not notify them when you’ve read their messages until you accept the DM.

Keep in mind though, by accepting the DM they will longer be restricted so you’ll have to reinstate the restrict mode again.


Editorial credit: Antonio Salaverry