Nicki Minaj Defends Britney Spears’ Dancing: ‘Put Your Crown Back on & Leave It There’

Britney Spears recently shared another dancing video saying that she knows people make fun of her dancing style and Nicki Minaj quickly came to her defense.

The pop star captioned the post saying, “I know I’m not the best dancer, a lot of people make fun of the way I move but honestly as long as I’m moving and expressing my body outwardly in someway at this point … that’s healing to me !!!”

“Therapy is all mind work… I did that 10 hours a day, 7 days a week … there’s nothing worse than torture of the mind … I’d rather someone slap my face than f–k with my mind !!!” she continued.

“Dancing you don’t think at all … I know my actions are not perfect but if you only knew how good it feels to feel with my body … I think most would get it !!! Bare with me, I’m learning !! God bless you all !!!” she concluded.

Nicki Minaj chimed in with some words of encouragement in comments writing,. “Not the best dancer? BRITNEY! PUT YOUR CROWN BACK ON & LEAVE IT THERE BABY!!!!!! “You ARE the best dancer!!! Settled that, what’s next?”

Keep dancing Britney!

Kathy Hutchins /

Editorial credit: Tinseltown