Justina Valentine Gives Elvis Duran the Scoop on New Christmas Movie: “Even the Name is So Fire.”

Justina Valentine joined Elvis Duran and the Hot 100 Morning Show on Tuesday for International Women’s Day to talk all about her dreams and upcoming Christmas movie.

“If your dream isn’t scary it’s not big enough,” Justina told the show, “I would open up books and copy them word for word… I’ve always had a love for words I would write poetry, I would sing…. I just loved to make people feel something… that love just stuck with me throughout my entire life.”

Justina give us the exclusive on her upcoming movie title. “It’s a Christmas movie. It will be released in December, drop the trailer in July,” Justina says, “I just know this movie is going to be magical.” She said. “It’s an Italian Christmas movie and it’s called Fuhgettaboutit Christmas.” She continues, “Even the name is so fire.”

Watch the full interview above.