The Weeknd Shoots Down ‘Beyond Fake’ Orginal Tracklist for ‘Dawn FM’

A tracklist for The Weeknd’s album ‘Dawn FM’ began circulating on social media but don’t believe everything you see.

The tracklist was said to be the “original” list of songs for Dawn FM and included almost all of the tracks from the official album with the exception of “How Do I Make You Love Me?” 

It also featured four unreleased songs: “Lost City,” “Euphoria” with Ariana Grande and Ty Dolla Sign, “Eat My Heart” with Kali Uchis, and “Heaven’s Gates.” Fans took to social media hoping to hear these songs but unfortunately, it’s not real. 

The Weeknd tweeted, “I love every single one of these artists but this is beyond fake. XO.”

Christian Bertrand /