Doja Cat Pauses Show to Help Fan in Need: “I Can’t Keep Going if Things Aren’t Good”

Doja Cat performed at Lollapalooza Argentina on Saturday where she paused her show for nearly five minutes to help an audience member in need.

In a video shared on YouTube, Doja Cat tells the crowd, “Wait, wait, wait! Somebody needs help over there. Is that right? Am I right? Somebody needs help? I love you guys, I really do, but we can’t have that happening.”

Doja asked fans to send her a hand signal when the situation had resolved itself, and insisted she would not continue her performance until it had.

“I’m sorry, I can’t keep going if things aren’t good,” she said. “I want to ask you guys a question. Does it matter that everybody here gets home safe? Right? Make noise if everybody who needs to get home safe needs to get home safe. Then you’re on my side, right? That’s all that matters.”

“Did you guys enjoy the show?” she continued. “Listen, you guys. It’s nobody’s fault. This stuff happens, it’s a lot of people…. People get crushed. It’s a lot… This kind of stuff, it happens, so don’t get sad or upset, I’ll be back. I will. I will, I promise.”

The moment happens around the 49:15 mark.