Backstreet Boys React to MGK Saying He Threw Up at Their Concert {WATCH}

The Backstreet Boys appeared on The Kelly Clarkson where Kelly asked about the time Machine Gun Kelly threw up at one of their concerts.

The guys pointed out that it wasn’t their music that made him nauseous. Instead, MGK said it was because it was so intense and the girls were screaming so loud, that he just suddenly threw up. 

AJ McLean said, “It’s a different kind of energy, and we thrive on that energy, you know? I mean, don’t get me wrong, our kids were so happy that we were home for this last two years, but … our wives were like, ‘You have to go back to work. Please go back to work.’”

Backstreet Boys DNA World Tour continues April 8 in Las Vegas.


Editorial credit: Tinseltown