Why Fans Can Thank Doja Cat for Bringing Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Back

Taco Bell is bringing back the fan-favorite Mexican Pizza, thanks in part to Doja Cat.

The rapper announced the news during Coachella telling the crowd, “I brought back the Mexican Pizza by the way.”

Taco Bell confirmed the news later saying Mexican Pizza will return on May 19th.

So how did Doja Cat help bring the popular menu item back?  The rapper partnered with Taco Bell in 2021 and started her own campaign to see its return.

She even shared an original song called “Refried Beans (Mexican Pizza)” with fans on TikTok rapping, “This ain’t even Mexican food/But I don’t care when the clock hits 2 a.m., p.m. if that is your mood.”


♬ original sound – Doja Cat

Doja wasn’t the only fan of the Mexican Pizza campaigning for its return, a change.org petition received over 170,000 signatures.

Loyalty members can get early dibs on the Mexican Pizza May 17. Taco Bell Rewards Members can claim a free Mexican Pizza on the Taco Bell app May 19.