THESE Are The Best Colleges in VA!

Attention, students! Summer break is slowly approaching, but for high school seniors, it’s not much time off. They’ll be essay-writing, scholarship-searching, and debating which school’s colors look best on Instagram. US News & World Report came out with their list of the best colleges in Virginia, and here’s who made the Top 5:

  1. University of Virginia – UVA tops the list, ranking #25 nationally. Founded in 1819, those in the know sometimes call it Mr. Jefferson’s University. Not much more “Virginia” than that.

  2. William & Mary – The highest-ranking option in Hampton Roads can be found in Williamsburg. Found by Queen Mary II of England 1693, it’s the second-oldest school in VA.

  3. Virginia Tech – Blacksburg represent! This former military technical institute is heavily research-driven, asking their students to “invent the future.”

  4. George Mason University – If your HS senior is considering a fruitful career in American politics, this higher-ed hotspot is pretty close to DC.

  5. Virginia Commonwealth University – Go Rams! If you’re looking for a public college experience, VCU offers that, right in the Commonwealth’s capital city.

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