Help Name the VA Zoo’s New Baby Sloth!

There’s a new, adorable face at the Virginia Zoo! On April 17th, the Zoo welcomed a little two-toed sloth into the world – making it an Aries, in case you were wondering.

Now, they need your help to name the lil’ one (no word yet on if it’s a boy or a girl). Other VA Zoo sloth names include Honey and Mervin (those are the happy parent sloths), and for obvious reasons, the name can’t be rude, derogatory, or otherwise offensive. But if you’ve got the perfect sloth name in mind, this is your time to shine.

For just $5, anyone can make a donation to the Zoo and include a name suggestion – proceeds will directly benefit the Zoo’s Act for Wildlife fund, which furthers conservation efforts at home and around the world.

After the deadline of May 7th, the Zoo Keepers will narrow down a shortlist and then give the final selection up to the sloths themselves! Baby’s official name will be revealed on May 16th.

Interested? For all the info, and to submit your name suggestion, click here.