Ariana Grande Updates Fans On New Album & ‘Wicked’ Audition

Ariana Grande gave fans a video makeup tutorial using her r.e.m. beauty line. 

The 14-minute video shows Grande creating a Twiggy makeup look while answering fans’ questions about the makeup line and new music.

Grande said one of her favorite products is the under-eye cooling balm. “It’s really refreshing to me,” she shared.

When a fan asked Ari to “give us a hint for ag7 pls” she replied, “The truth is I have not begun an album.”

“I know I hear through the grapevine that you have a lot of theories and expectations in that department. But after Positions, I was not ready to start another album yet,” she explained. “So, I have not begun another album. That is the main, I mean that was really the only reason but aside from that, that was kinda around the time that I started hearing murmurs about a Wicked audition coming soon, so I went into full preparation mode while I was also shooting The Voice. So I was shooting and then also doing lessons every day.”

 “I know that I know the material like the back of my hand but I still have so much to learn and I want to be prime condition,” she explained. “So I went pretty hard getting ready. And now, thank god… the most incredible gift in my entire life is you know this role that I’ve adored since I’m ten years old. And that is going to have every piece of me. Every minute, every ounce of my heart, my time, my soul, my everything that I can give it.”

Watch below.




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