What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing You Did In School? | 15 Minute Morning Show

So many cringe moments happened during school when we were younger. Anything you can look back on that makes you really shake your head?

This is the questions we’re asking on our 15 Minute Morning Show. Scotty B admits that he pretended to be sick for a week that he went to the hospital in elementary school!


Straight Nate Doesn’t Like Getting Naked At The Doctor | Around The Room

Straight Nate is coming to terms with the fact that he needs to get naked at the doctor later.

Nate is heading to a dermatologist appointment and will need to get completely naked for the appointment. This led us to a conversation of people in jobs that constantly see people naked… doctors, massage therapists, spray tan workers!

Are you uncomfortable getting naked in front of these people?! Watch above at today’s Around The Room!

Who On The Show Has Slept With The Most People? | 15 Minute Morning Show

In today’s 15 Minute Morning Show. What started off innocently with Froggy’s wife Lisa talking about the high school reunion she attended last weekend (it wasn’t even her high school, but all her friends went there) turned into talking about how many sexual partners everyone has been with, when Skeery lost his virginity and who everyone on the show thinks has the most sex partners. Spoiler alert: Nate is the answer everyone gave!

Elvis Duran Explains Why He Hates Snakes | 15 Minute Morning Show

Today’s 15 Minute Morning Show is all about snakes! For those who fear them, don’t worry you are not alone!

Elvis Duran is explaining his hatred for snakes at the start of the show. He recalls one time mowing his yard when he ran over 3 snakes and their heads came off! The conversation started because Froggy FaceTimed Gandhi yesterday to show her a snake eating a frog! Also, Skeery bought Danielle’s cat a fake snake!