We’re Still Arguing Over Froggy’s Food News Countdown | 15 Minute Morning Show

In today’s 15 Minute Morning Show we are still arguing over the very controversial Top 5 Candy Bar countdown! The list went like this:

5 – Twix

4 – KitKat

3 – Snickers

2 – Peanut butter chocolate Reese’s

1- Hershey’s milk chocolate bar

However when we got to Peanut Butter Chocolate Reese’s, Danielle argued that those are cups not candy bars! Which led to an entire debate on this topic! Watch above!

Our Aches And Pains Explained In Detail | 15 Minute Morning Show

Today on our 15 Minute Morning Show we are going over all of our aches and pains.

Straight Nate and Scotty B both threw their backs out after taking their shirts off! Then Froggy announced that his feet crack so loudly in the morning that it actually wakes people up! Watch above as we complain about our aches and pains and let us know yours in the comments!