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How Many People Got CATFISHED in Virginia Last Year?!

WatersOnAir According to Google, catfishing is the “process of luring someone into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.” In other words, pretending to be someone you’re not, in order to make someone else fall in love with you. There’s a great TV show about catching catfishers, but unfortunately Nev Schulman and company…Continue Reading

Charlie Puth

New Online Class Offers Songwriting Tips from Charlie Puth!

WatersOnAir It’s safe to say that Charlie Puth knows a thing or two about songwriting. He’s penned some of the best pop hits in the last 10 years: “Attention,” “One Call Away,” “See You Again,” and lots more! Ever wish he would sit you down and give you some tips for writing the next Billboard…Continue Reading

Weeekly Web

K-Poppin’ Off: Episode 8 – Weeekly!

We’re going on a musical journey. In this series, I’ll be exploring the world of K-pop, reviewing artists, bands, and albums as we go! Along the way, I’ll offer my unfiltered opinions – so if I criticize your favorite song, I apologize in advance. Let’s start “K-Poppin’ Off!”   It’s not a typo. It’s a…Continue Reading

Virginia Beach

The Most Relaxed Cities in America: Where Does the (757) Rank?

WatersOnAir Another day, another “the most [adjective] city in America” study is out, and this time, we’re kickin’ back, puttin’ our feet up, and exploring the most chilled-out towns in the US of A. Not surprisingly, a majority of the top-ranking cities on the list, compiled by LawnStarter, were in California. In fact, the #1…Continue Reading

Virginia Beach

Where Do VA, NC Rank Among the Best Work-From-Home States?

WatersOnAir Even though a recent New York Times study revealed that over 80% of companies intend to bring their employees back into the office ~someday~ when it’s safe, right now, WFH is king. A lot of us have been working from home for over a year now, and some patterns have emerged. From double-booking our…Continue Reading