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Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Planning a Concert, Forgetting COVID-19 Exists

Just in case you weren’t sure, Vanilla Ice wants you to know that “we didn’t have coronavirus in the 90s.” To which my reply would be, “Well you haven’t had a hit since the 90s.” But for real, that’s a thing Vanilla Ice said earlier this week, justifying his plans to hold a concert in…Continue Reading

Katy Perry pregnant

Katy Perry Drops New, Acoustic Version of ‘Daisies’

Remember when Katy Perry announced her pregnancy through her music video for the song “Daisies” a while ago? Well, the baby’s not here yet (at the time of writing), but a new version of the song is! Katy stripped down on this rendition, offering up a lighter, more airy arrangement. Some of her vocals are…Continue Reading

shawn mendes2

2020 JUNO Awards Recap: Shawn Mendes, Avril Lavigne Win Big

Canada has given us some pretty great musicians. Also some pretty sh*tty ones, to be honest. But every year, the JUNO Awards honor the best of the best in Canadian music, and this 2020 was no different. Well, it was a little different. The awards show didn’t happen in-person, which isn’t a huge surprise given…Continue Reading

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots Reach Another Huge Milestone With “Ride”

“So I’m takin’ my time on my ride!” sings Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots in their classic 2015 release “Ride.” It did indeed take some time, but now, the guys from TØP get to celebrate another milestone reached by the song! The music video for “Ride” officially surpassed 1 billion views on YouTube, becoming…Continue Reading


Check Out These Epic Ava Max-Themed Playing Cards

You’ve heard her on the song “Sweet But Psycho,” but on her new material, Ava Max is getting the royal treatment! She recently dropped a song called “Kings & Queens,” complete with a music video… and playing cards? It’s not a typical piece of merch, nor is it available to the general public, but a…Continue Reading

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Announces $10,000 Art Contest!

Lady Gaga is no stranger to collabs. Just in 2020 alone, she topped the charts with Ariana Grande and broke records alongside BLACKPINK. But a collab with Abode Creative Cloud? Nobody saw that coming. And yet, here we are. Gaga put out a challenge to her fans: if you re-do the art for her latest…Continue Reading

Billie Eilish FB

Billie Eilish Unfollowed Everyone On Instagram

Have you ever seen an account on Instagram that’s following only one person, or nobody at all? It’s such a great aesthetic, if you’re a brand or artist, because it establishes you as the trendsetter in the room. You follow *literally* no one. But that wasn’t quite how it happened for Billie Eilish. If you…Continue Reading


My New Favorite Twitter Account Helps You Avoid Clickbait!

Made you click, didn’t I? There are a lot of articles out there in the Twitterverse (and across all social medias, really) that beg you for clicks with their misleading or cliffhanger headlines. Take some examples. Here’s an article about a new Sony trademark that doesn’t actually tell you what the trademark is until you’ve…Continue Reading