Waters On Air

Meet Our New Studio Pet: A Baby Tarantula!

WatersOnAir – Cue the Spiderman music? We’ve got a new critter in our studio, and it’s safe to say that no other radio station has one just like him: a real, live tarantula! We’ve gotta give a big shoutout to Fear Not Tarantulas, a store in Virginia Beach that specializes in all kinds of creepy…Continue Reading

Air Drummer

Drop the Beat from Anywhere with THESE Invisible(?!) Drums

WatersOnAir – Back in college, I had a reputation for being the “air-drummer guy.” While I walked from one building to the next, in between classes, the whole campus would see that I had my headphones in and my air-drum kit in front of me. It probably looked weird AF but I had a lot…Continue Reading

Single Dad

THESE Are the Best Cities in the (757) for Single Dads!

WatersOnAir – It’s tough being a single parent. But as they say, it takes a village to raise a child. So with Father’s Day approaching, some new research looked into where single dads have the most help in their parenting journey. As it turns out, Hampton Roads isn’t exactly a safe haven for ridin’ solo.…Continue Reading

Fans Chanting

Viral Audio: What Are These People Chanting??

WatersOnAir – Remember “The Dress?” What about Laurel vs. Yanny? Those viral this-or-that debates shook the internet, and now, here comes another! So the question is: what are these people chanting? I’ll get right to it, and let you listen to the audio for yourself: @kegan_stiles#BestSeatInTheHouse #PerfectAsWeAre #foryou #fyp #trend #kegan Here’s another one! ♬…Continue Reading

Girl Gamer

THESE Are the Best Cities for Gamers in the (757)!

WatersOnAir – I’ll admit it: I’m a gamer. I’m talkin’ Skyrim, FIFA, Call of Duty, and recently, a lot of Fortnite. Like… a lot of Fortnite. What can I say? There’s something really exciting about diving into a virtual world, taking control of virtual superstars, or solving mysteries and kicking some @$$ without any risk…Continue Reading

LGBT Dating

THESE Are the Best Cities for LGBT Singles in Hampton Roads!

WatersOnAir – It’s Pride Month, and the (757) is celebrating! If you wish you were attending the parades, festivals, and bar crawls with a partner instead of going solo, this is the list for you. New research recently compiled the best cities in America for single LGBT people (San Fran was #1, in case you…Continue Reading